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Due to the health risk presented by COVID-19 and the need for social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, the CYC waterfront is being operated very differently this year. Masks and social distancing are required on the pier, the floats, and on the launches. Members must sign in with their club number every time they enter the club premises.
There will be a limit of not more than 3 passengers per launch, per trip. Given this limitation, during peak times we will only be transporting one member to each boat. The remainder of your party will be asked to remain in designated waiting spots on Floats #1 and #2 until you can return on your boat to pick them up.
We deeply regret the inconveniences that are likely this season and fewer passengers per launch will significantly increase the waiting times for launch pick-ups.
Email Jack Carney, Dockmaster Email Roger Hastings, Assistant Dockmaster

Launch Service

  • Each launch will be limited to 8 passengers
  • Service will be restricted to member’s vessels only. We will not service other yacht clubs, town floats or non-Corinthian vessels (this is consistent with other yacht clubs in the harbor)
  • Vessels must pick up and drop off their passengers at the designated side float
  • No launch operators or any other waterfront employee will handle the personal baggage or equipment of members
  • Main Pier, launch floats, and side floats will be marked at appropriate areas for social distancing while waiting for service

Use of the Floats

  • Main Pier is marked at 6’ intervals to maintain proper social distancing while members are waiting for a launch.
  • The Main Pier is marked for a two-way traffic pattern to separate members entering from those exiting – please follow the arrows.
  • We regret to say that members are asked not to socialize or stand around on the Main Pier, around the entrance or exit areas. No loitering around the waterfront can be allowed as it will block the movement along the pier and the walkways and prevent the possibility of social distancing.
  • A traffic flow pattern has been established to keep member contact to a minimum. The entrance to the waterfront will be at the green gate by the Crane Pier and the exit will be the walkway under the Main Dining Room, past the Canteen and the Pool (at least for this first phase)
  • We are very sorry, but at the present time, no tie-up or washdowns are permitted on weekends because they prevent the pick-up and drop off of passengers at the floats. Weekday wash downs are allowed on a waterfront permission basis.

Use of the Launching Hoist

  • Operation of the hoist is allowed only for members who already hold an ‘in-house licenses.'
  • Waterfront employees are not available to assist with the hoist at this time.
  • Self-cleaning protocols are required for members who use the hoist or other parts of the crane pier.

Note: We are working on scheduling a new ‘in-house license’ course for this year. When the weather improves, the trainer has agreed to conduct the course outside for members who want to take it this year. Let’s hope for some good weather! In the meantime, the list of members with ‘in-house licenses’ will be available upon request as a reference tool for unlicensed members who are seeking assistance.


Masks and 6’ social distancing are required at all times for members and
staff on the waterfront – this includes the pier, floats, and launches

No entering or exiting through the clubhouse can be permitted because it is currently closed.

Waterfront employees will provide members with guidance for proper social distancing.


7 Days a Week  8:00AM – 11:00PM


Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday 9am-6pm
Closed Monday

Email Jack Carney, Dockmaster Email Roger Hastings, Assistant Dockmaster