Ahoy, sailors and power boaters! 

Corinthian Cruising / Boating Adventures provides opportunities for all members who wish to venture beyond the local buoys, be it Manchester Harbor, the Boston Harbor Islands, the beautiful coast of Maine, and various other New England ports. Our goal as a group is to enjoy being on the water together and getting to experience all the interesting offerings of each port of call. Cruise week is a time to gather with friends and family for rafting parties, group activities, and summer social events. By cruising together, by power or sail, we support each other by sharing technical, navigational, and on-water experiences. We hope to see you on the water in the upcoming season!


The Annual CYC Cruise is one of the highlights of the summer sailing season! It includes the unbeatable Commodore's Cruise Party and visits to interesting and historic harbors, also accessible by land. In addition to longer cruises, several weekend trips and planned activities at the club itself are part of the adventure!

Cruising is a wonderful family activity. It’s a great way to introduce your children to the fundamentals of sailing and navigation. It allows us to explore the rich history of the New England coastline and witness active marine life.

Cruising as a group offers the opportunity for experienced boaters to mentor and guide those new to cruising. It’s a great way to safely travel, regardless of experience, and share a lifetime of memories with your fellow boaters!


Contact Dirk Isbrandtsen, [email protected], to learn more or be added to the cruise interest list. This will be the primary contact for more detailed information regarding the cruise in general, harbor accommodations, activities, and logistics for crew changes.

June 2022

CYC Docks Social - 6/10

Join the CYC Cruise Group for an evening of fun,festivities, and mingling to kick-off the 2022 Cruising Season! The group will be docking at the CYC docks on 6/10. Tour your fellow cruise group member's boats all while enjoying a bite to eat...and a cocktail of course!

Raindate- 6/12

Boston Harbor Islands, MA - 6/18 - 6/19

Destination: Boston Harbor Islands, MA
Date: 6/18 and 6/19
Distance: 16nm
Tides 6/18: Low-9:07AM High- 3:26AM
Tides 6/19: High- 11AM Low- 4:25PM

July 2022

CYC Docks Social - 7/8

Join the CYC Cruise Group for an evening of fun, festivities and mingling! The group will be docking at the CYC docks on 7/8. Tour your fellow cruise group member's boats, all while enjoying a bite to eat...and a cocktail of course!

Raindate- 7/10

Provincetown, MA - 7/16 - 7/17

Destination: Provincetown, MA
Date: 7/16 and 7/17
Distance: 44nm
Accommodations: Numerous
Tides 7/16: Low- 8:13AM High- 2:28PM
Tides 7/17: Low- 9:05AM High- 3:22PM

August 2022

The Cruise - 8/5 - 8/19

8/5 - Rockport, MA
Distance: 18.15nm (from Marblehead, MA)
Facilities: Harbormaster-Slips or Moorings, Anchor-Sandy Bay
Accommodations: Seafarer Inn, Addison Choate Inn, Beech Tree B&B
Activities: Cocktails at Sandy Bay Yacht Club
Tides 8/5: High- 4:57AM Low- 11:04AM High- 5:22PM Low- 11:44PM

8/6 - 8/7 - Portsmouth, NH
Distance: 24.72nm (from Rockport, MA)
Facilities: Portsmouth YC DOCKWA, Prescott Park Marine Marcy St.
Accommodations: Ale House Inn/Sailmakers House
Activities: Commodore's Party (Sun, Aug. 7)
Tides 8/6: High- 6:08AM Low- 12:12PM High- 6:31PM
Tides 8/7: Low- 12:59AM High- 7:10AM Low- 1:10PM High- 7:31PM

8/8 - 8/9 - Portland, ME
Distance: 43.73nm (from Portsmouth, NH)
Facilities: Fore Points Marina, Ch. 10, DiMillos Marina, DOCKWA
Accommodations: Inn on Carlton, West End Inn, Chadwick B&B, Blind Tiger B&B
Tides 8/8: Low- 1:44AM High- 7:57AM Low- 1:53PM High- 8:14PM
Tides 8/9: Low- 2:49AM High- 9:03AM Low- 2:57PM High- 9:17PM

8/10 - Potts Harbor, ME
Distance: 9.04nm (from Portland, ME)
Facilities: Dolphin Marina, Ch. 09, DOCKWA
Activities: Cocktails at Dolphin Marina followed by a group dinner at the marina restaurant
Tides 8/10: Low- 3:51AM High- 10:04AM Low- 3:58PM High- 10:17PM

8/11 - Snow Island, ME
Distance: 12.93nm (from Potts Harbor, ME)
Facilities: Anchoring Only
Activities: Dinghy Raft Party
Tides 8/11: Low- 4:48AM High- 11:02AM Low- 4:56PM High- 11:15PM

8/12 - 8/13 - Captain's Choice
Recommendations: Basin/Boothbay Harbor

8/14 - 8/15 - Sebasco Harbor Resort/Ch. 09, ME
Distance: 5.62nm (from Snow Island, ME)
Facilities: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Ch. 09, DOCKWA
Accommodations: Sebasco Harbor Resort
Activities: Golf, Tennis, Spa Treatments, Group Dinner (15th)
Tides 8/14: High- 1:04AM Low- 7:24AM High- 1:39PM Low- 7:40PM
Tides 8/15: High- 1:56AM Low- 8:12AM High- 2:28PM Low- 8:33PM

8/16 - Great Diamond Island, ME
Distance: 17.45nm (from Sebasco, ME)
Facilities: Diamond Cove Marina, Ch.09
Accommodations: Diamond Cove Inn
Activities: Diamond's Edge Restaurant
Tides 8/16: High- 2:47AM Low- 9:00AM High- 3:18PM Low- 9:27PM

8/17 - Biddeford Pool, ME
Distance: 19.42 nm (from Great Diamond Island)
Facilities: Biddeford Pool Yacht Club, Ch. 09, Ch. 16, Ch. 68, Wood Island Harbor
Tides 8/17: High- 3:41AM Low- 9:49AM High- 4:08PM Low- 10:24PM

8/18 - Captain's Choice
Recommendations: Southern Maine, Isles of Shoals, Portsmouth

8/19 - Return to Marblehead, MA

Day Sail Adventure - 8/28