2020 Annual General Meeting Recap

Dear Fellow Corinthian Member,

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, January 21. We had a wonderful turnout and I greatly appreciate all the feedback and questions during and after the meeting.
If you didn't attend or just want to review everything we said, go to my summary letter below. Also, below are the reports for 17 Corinthian Lane and the Standing Committees for 2020.
There's lots of good information here so check it out.

Annie Harris, Commodore

2020 Agm Commodore Recap
2020 Agm Committee Reports
2020 Report On Corinthian Lane

The prestigious Spirit of Sailing Award was given by Sailing Committee chair Joe Fava to Doug Sabin in recognition of his leadership in CYC inter-club sailing and for his great teamwork in multiple sailing events including the Jackson Cup, Seawanhaka Cup, Commodore Cup, and Morgan Trophy.


The CYC Employee of the Year award was presented by Bob Hastings to Tennis Director Anthony Russo for his outstanding work with both the junior and adult tennis programs.